Keeping Artificial Limbs Low-Cost, and High-Quality

By Tina Rosenberg

In response to Friday’s column about the Jaipur Limb, an inexpensive, locally-made artificial leg that has helped millions of impoverished people in poor countries to regain their dignity and livelihood, Laurie C. from Marina,Calif., (5), a reader who uses a wheelchair, made an important point: “It can be scary to know that you live in a body that is so dependent on inanimate equipment that if you don’t have that equipment, you basically fall off the radar of life itself,” she wrote. “You disappear from society, people avoid you, you become ‘a burden’ … all for the lack of a piece of equipment.” This is a very persuasive argument for why a low-cost wide-scale product like the Jaipur Limb is necessary.
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