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Who Else is Joining the Club?

Do you know of others who are using Join the Club solutions?   How about people who should be thinking about it?   Do you have an opinion about the book?

Let’s talk about it!


3 responses to “Who Else is Joining the Club?”

  1. Larry

    The the book is terrific primer on joining for social action. I’d be interested in hearing thoughts on the concept of joining as an antidote to Bowling Alone or even as a less virtual (more human) way for people to connect into affinity or even professional groups — a once time honored tradition in America? What are the social institutions or other igniters that can or should be at the vanguard of such movements?

  2. Bassam Tarazi


    I have created a “Join the Club” solution and would love to chat with you about it: http://www.colipera.com.

    The book was tremendous. I found myself taking notes and highlighting at every turn!



  3. Aslan

    I was sreoiusly at DefCon 5 until I saw this post.

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