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When Math Makes Sense (To Everyone)

By David Bornstein

In response to Tuesday’s column about Jump Math, an approach to math education that is showing impressive results in schools in Canada and England, a great many readers wrote in to share stories of how they or their children have struggled with math (or, in some cases, were almost traumatized by it). “I failed math as a school-aged boy,” wrote Rob Blake, from New York. “I avoided math like one of the 10 plagues.”

Many asked how they could get more information about Jump. Parents or educators can get teaching guides and lesson plans free from Jump Math’s Web site (registration is required). Workbooks are available for sale; proceeds support the organization, which is a nonprofit. John Mighton, a mathematician who is the founder of Jump, has also written a book called “The End of Ignorance,” which details the program’s philosophy and explains how it contrasts with current teaching approaches.

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